Friday, 13 April 2018

FiaFia 2018 Recount

What a great night we had last night.
It was really fun, I was so amazed.
Have you ever performed in front of almost 3000 people?

I knew everyone was excited when my brother Noah stood up on the stage with 4 others standing beside him “Kia ora and welcome to the 2018 Pt England FiaFia!” he said and the crowd went wild, cheering, shouting, applauding and screaming. Once they had all said their lines on the sheet of paper given to them they welcomed the first group to the stage ‘Mania Ki Te Rangi’, and once again the crowd went wild. Once 15-19 groups performed it was my groups turn to perform and shake the stage!

As we were walking onto the stage I was lucky enough to wear my very own pupu out of all the boys because I was leading the haka, as well as the front row of girls. When we performed it felt like we were the best group out of all of them, we sang 2 songs then the haka, the first song was Ko Te Whaea then Te Iwi E then Tika Tonu, it was amazing and everyone cheered my name as soon as the boys came forward and I saw tears in the parents eyes as they saw their kids do the haka! Everyone had an awesome time even though the weather was terrible, “ Thank you and god bless you” they all finished saying!

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Goodbye My Bro's

Goodbye my amazing blog fans I will miss you because it is the end of our term so I will not be blogging for two weeks and if you want to visit our blog again please come back when school begins again at term 2, I will miss you!

Goodbye Fans!

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Measuring Problems

Walt: Understand different measurement units

Task Description:
This week we had to complete 3 types of problems that were based on converting cm to mm!

Thursday, 22 March 2018

How To Respect Your Class & Teacher - Respect Animation 3

Task Description:
This term we had to create another animation showing respect!

Just Clean It - Respect Animation 2

Task Description:
This term we had to create another animation showing respect!

Include Others - Respect Animation 1

Task Description:
This term we had to create an animation showing how we should respect others!

What Is A Reti?

Walt: Scan text for relevant information

Task Description:
This week we had to draw and label what a Reti is and what it does!